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Men's Huge !! 925 Solid Sterling Silver Atlantis Bracelet - 90 grams !!! unbreakable

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It's 100% 925 Sterling Silver Atlantis Bracelet for Men
Bracelet measures:
Width: 15 mm
Thickness: 5 mm
Weight: Between 85 and 95 grams (depending of wrist size)

The bracelet will be made ​​with the wrist measurement you want
From 17 cm to 23 cm

If you have any questions please send me an e-mail.

This item is sent from  Spain
Item only by request and is made in the size you want
Working time: 5 to 7 working days.


This model drew its inspiration from the Atlantis ring discovered in 1860 in the Valley of Kings.

According to the legend........Around 1860, a well-known French Egyptologist, Marquis D´Argain discovered a strange looking ring in the excavations of the Valley of the Kings in Egypt.

The ring, several thousand years old, was decorated with geometric shapes, be positioned in line and balanced according to a judicious mix of trigrams of I Ching and Babylonian cuneiform numerology. According to d'Argain, the ring was created in the ancient city of Atlantis.

Another famous Egyptologist, Arnold de Belizal, inherited the Atlantis ring and it has remained in the family of Madame de Belizal. He was a well-known expert in radiesthesia, the science concerned with the energies of the shapes. Every person emits patterns or rhythms of energy and every part of their body, down to the cell level, reflects these 'vibrations'. These energy patterns can be altered with illness, injury, infection, stress, pollution, malnutrition, or poor hygiene.

From these investigations, Belizal discovers that the Atlantis ring has some strange and surprising properties: the geometry of the ring emits electromagnetic waves capable of creating impenetrable barriers of protection, preventing the alteration of energy patterns. These barriers can stop or neutralize the disturbing elements of the environment in your home or office. The ring protects the user from all external invisible threats, and maintains the balance of the person who wears it (health, luck, happiness, prosperity.

The Construction of the Atlantis ring is so precise that emits electromagnetic waves that tune and adjust the bioenergetics energy of the owner. It manifests with better health and a general positive development at all levels. Invisible protection covers all aspects of physical and mental energies. Strengthens the intuition and clairvoyance of the wearer

The Atlantis ring is for personal use only and is charged with the energy of the wearer, and Consequently is not effective to give to another person. You can use the Atlantis ring on the finger or anywhere in contact with the skin (a necklace or bracelet).

If you experience a feeling of energy excess or changes in the rhythm of regular sleep, you should use the bracelet only at the day..

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