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Fleur de Lis Skull Ring - Sterling Silver Fleur de Lis skull ring - powerful wisdom protection charm - All sizes

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It's 100% Sterling Silver carved
Approximate weight: 21 grams, depending on size.

The flower of Lily symbol (as found under "fleur-de-Lys" or "fleur-de-Lis") means a lot to many people around the world, especially in Quebec, New Orleans & certain European regions. It is a all time classic, very sophisticated & symbolizes many things depending on your origins.

In ancient Egypt and in India it used to be the symbol of life and resurrection. In France it used to be the symbol of Kings representing purity, wisdom and honesty. Still today French people use it as their emblem even if it doesn't figure on the nation flag. Even in Great Britain the flower of Lily used to be commonly used by the knights in order to symbolize their timeless devotion to the royalty in power.

Also a French history from the colonialism as left this symbol to some North American regions such as Quebec in Canada, and some United States regions: St. Louis (Missouri), New Orleans and Louisiana.

In modern Quebec in Canada, it's the symbol of people who speak French and wearing a flower of Lily emblem means you are proud of those French origins. Represented 4 times on the province flag it is usually in blue color.

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