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goddess ring - Sterling Silver Vishnu Ring - Hinduism God of Preservation

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Ring made of 925 sterling silver.
Approximate weight: 7 grams depending on size

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Vishnu, the Preserver, sustains the whole creation and has the power of manifesting himself under numerous forms. In the great Cosmic Ocean, He sustains both the sun of the infinite and the eternal spirit of existence, which is the master of the universe.

Very often, Vishnu appears under the form of a young, very handsome man, with four arms (several arms is an indication of the divine, showing that they can perform several functions in the same time)

According to Hindu mythology, Vishnu has incarnated or became an avatara ten times to save the world from destruction. The ten avataras are:

1-Matsya (The Fish)
2-Kurma (The Tortoise)
3-Varaha(The Boar)
4-Narasimha (The Man-Lion)
5-Vamana(The Dwarf)
6-Parasurama (The Rama With The Axe)
9-Lord Buddha

10-Kalki : It is believed that in this present age Vishnu will incarnate as Kalki, and that he will be waving a sword of destruction since the world will be so degenerate that salvation can only be through total destruction and the rebuilding of a new world.

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