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Skull ring - Sterling Silver 6 skull Templar ring - ALL SIZES

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It's 100% Sterling Silver carved

Knights Templar Legend

My work represent a legend whose setting is the amphitheatre of Gavarnie in the Pyrenees, where six knights of the Temple lie at rest in a chapel. Every year, on March 18 - the birthday of the last Grand Master of the Order (Jacques de Molay) - a Knight of the Temple is seen to appear, whose shroud is replaced by the famous white cloak with the four triangled red cross. He is in battle apparel and holds his lance in rest. He walks slowly towards the centre of the Chapel and utters a piercing call, which re-echoes around the ampitheatre of the mountains:"Who will defend the Holy Temple? Who will deliver the tomb of Christ?" At his call the six entomed Templars come alive and stand up, to answer three times: "No one! No one! No one! The Temple is destroyed!"

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