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Skull ring - Sterling Silver Pentacle skull Ring - ALL SIZES

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Ring made in solid 925 sterling silver
Approximate weight: 15 grams (depending on size)
Measures: 16 mm (star front view)

Wiccan Skulls Pentacle Ring

Traditionally, each of the five points has been attributed to the five elements of the ancients:

Earth – represents stability and physical endurance
Fire – represents courage and daring
Water – represents emotions and intuition
Air – represents intelligence and the arts
Spirit – represents the All and the Divine.

"Depending on which side you see"

A pentagram is a five-pointed figure used as a magical or occult symbol by the Pythagoreans, Masons, Gnostics, Cabalists, magicians, Wiccans, Satanists, etc. In many symbolizations, the top point represents either the human head or a non-human Spirit. To invert the figure is considered by some as a sign of relegating Spirit to the bottom of the metaphysical heap.

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