Tetragrammaton pendant – Sterling Silver Pentagram of Solomon Pendant – Tetragrammaton Name of God


King Solomon, the builder of the First Temple and a powerful and wise king in the Bible, had the ability to command demons.

The symbol was to be made in either gold or silver with the seal of whichever demon you want to common on the other side. It protects the wearer from danger and also allows the wearer to command the demon.

The words on the seal have the following meaning:

Abdia – I conjure thee in secret, O Spirit!
Ballaton – Come forth from thy abode and speak clearly in my speech.
Bellony – Put forth thy might and discover unto me the knowledge and power in thy keeping.
Halliy – Answer in the inward silence all of my questions without fail.
Halliza – Assume and show forth unto me thy form of divine perfection.
Soluzen – Open unto me thy secret door and fulfill me of my purpose!